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Bly Brothers Feedlot

The Bly Brothers Feedlot is located in Eastern South Dakota.  The facility has a capacity to feed 1,500 head of cattle.  Due to topographic and geological limitations, a traditional waste management system was neither economical nor feasible for this facility.

Our engineers worked with the owners of the feedlot, personnel from South Dakota State University’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources to come up with a solution to allow this facility to continue raising cattle with an environmentally suitable waste management system.  The chosen system included traditional solid settling basins along with a Vegetative Treatment System for treating the runoff from the facility.  The system was designed to treat the runoff from the facility by allowing it to drain across several large vegetated areas (approximately 16 acres).  In order to maintain an environmentally conscious facility, monitoring wells were installed to document the effectiveness of this system and to ensure that groundwater contamination is avoided.

The Bly Brothers Feedlot was one of the first permitted livestock facilities in the State of South Dakota to utilize a Vegetative Treatment System.  Since this type of system did not fit into the current SD DENR permit available for livestock facilities, the firm’s engineers successfully obtained an individual permit through the SD DENR.  The treatment system is fully operational and is in compliance with SD DENR regulations.

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