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Cambridge Bend Boundary Survey

The Kansas City District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracted with our firm to perform a boundary survey on parcels of land acquired for the Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Project.  The mitigation site at Cambridge Bend along the Missouri River in Saline and Chariton Counties in Missouri encompassed five tracts of land totaling 1,441 acres.

The Cambridge Bend boundary survey was unusually complex, requiring the breakdown and survey of eight irregular sections lying in four different townships and two different counties.  Adding to the research and survey requirements, the properties had a railroad passing through that was referenced in some of the earlier deeds, a levee system, and of course the Missouri River channel that has moved substantially in the past 150 years.  Further complicating the survey was the abandoned town site of Cambridge that was located within the project area.  The metes and bounds descriptions for the tracts did not close mathematically and contained problematic gaps and overlaps.  The Saline and Chariton County officials had no records or knowledge of the exact location of the county line in this area.  Detailed research tracing back to the original surveys in the mid 1800s was necessary and a thorough corner search was conducted.  It required nearly four months of effort to complete the boundary survey.

All of the survey control was connected to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) and referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83) for the horizontal datum.  All elevations were referenced to NAVD88.  The work was completed in full compliance with the Missouri Minimum Standards for Property Boundary Surveys.  The final plat required six “D”size sheets to display all of the information.  Drawings were prepared in Microstation using A/E/C CADD standards.  GIS deliverables were prepared using ArcGIS SDSFIE standard formats.  FDGC-compliant metadata was provided with the deliverables.  The project was completed at a cost of $98,341. Eight other similar boundary surveys were completed for the Kansas City District for the Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Project by our firm during the same time frame.

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