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Comprehensive Master Drainage Plan

The City of Lennox authorized Stockwell Engineers to analyze their existing storm drainage system, and develop a Stormwater Master Plan to identify areas where drainage concerns exist and to address growth areas in the City.  The priority of the Master Plan was to focus on current infrastructure needs, and outline improvements to the existing storm drainage system necessary to upgrade the City’s system to meet adopted engineering design standards.

Storm water drainage basins were developed by analyzing existing topographic maps for the City of Lennox and the surrounding future growth areas.  Flows were developed for each of the basins based on developed land uses and existing topographic features for both the 5 and 100-year rainfall events.  Existing trunk line sewers, culverts, and drainage ways were analyzed to determine the capacity of each segment.  Flow routing calculations were then performed using XP-SWMM hydraulic modeling software.  Calculated flows for each sub-basin were estimated, and each segment of the conveyance system was modeled to determine where deficiencies in the systems were occurring.  An improvement plan was developed to assist City officials to properly plan for growth in the City of Lennox.

Along with recommendations for improvements to the existing system, the Stormwater Master Plan considered the City’s future growth area so that Lennox can implement a regional stormwater detention approach based on anticipated new developments.  The study provides a template of how to manage stormwater discharges and facilitate planned growth, based upon the South Eastern Council of Governments (SECOG) recommendations for future land uses.  Approximate locations for flood control facilities were identified based on topographic features for each regional stormwater basin within the limits of study.  This study will help the City manage existing storm sewer infrastructure, as well as projected growth as it relates to storm water management.

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