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Hydrographic Survey of the Missouri River

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, contracted with our firm under IDIQ contract W912EK-10-D-0001 through the Rock Island District to perform a hydrographic survey for the Missouri River from Fort Randall Dam to Ponca State Park.  This project involved multiple hydrographic survey tasks including:

  • The continuous hydrographic survey of 58 miles of the Missouri River Gavins Point Degradation Reach at a 0.1 mile interval resulting in 580 full channel cross sections
  • A Water Surface Profile of the Missouri River from Fort Randall Dam to Ponca, Nebraska
  • Survey of 11 Sediment Cross Sections of the Niobrara River
  • Survey of 22 floodplain cross sections near Niobrara, Nebraska
  • Monumentation and survey of 10 sediment ranges on Lewis and Clark Lake

Islands and exposed sandbars that were crossed by the transects were also surveyed.  Current site conditions made the Niobrara River ranges exceptionally difficult to survey.

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