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Kansas City District Lakes

We were contracted by the Kansas City District of the US Army Corps of Engineers to conduct hydrographic surveys of eleven major lakes throughout the District.  The purpose of the survey was to update Area / Capacity curves for each reservoir to reflect changes in storage volume as a result of sedimentation.  The lakes to be surveyed included:

  • Milford, Perry and Tuttle Creek Lakes in Kansas
  • Harry S. Truman, Stockton, Smithville, and Pomme de Terre Lakes in Missouri
  • Blue Springs and Longview Lakes in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Rathbun Lake in Iowa
  • Harlan County Lake in Nebraska

Each of these lakes is a significant body of water, with the combined total of the eleven lakes covering a surface area of approximately 161,000 acres and having 2,160 miles of shoreline at normal multi-purpose pool elevations.  Our task was to collect hydrographic survey data on cross sections spaced at 250 foot intervals along the mainline reaches of the lakes.  In bays and coves, the cross sections were more tightly spaced.

The coordination and execution of the work required extensive planning and ongoing project management to maintain the desired schedule.  Careful planning with the survey crew chiefs was necessary prior to beginning the field work on each lake, and a detailed schedule of field activities was prepared in order to monitor progress and ensure that the work would be accomplished within the timeframe of the project.

Control was established and verified at each lake prior to beginning hydrographic survey data collection.  All work was completed in state plane coordinates using the NAD 83 horizontal datum and the NAVD 88 vertical datum.  A rigorous schedule was maintained in the field, and the hydrographic data was downloaded and transmitted back to our office on a daily basis for further processing and editing.

Upon completion of each lake, electronic bathymetric maps were prepared to allow for the computation of surface area and lake capacity for every 0.1-foot of depth within the lake below the multi-purpose pool elevation.  The data were presented in both tabular and chart formats. Final deliverables for each lake were submitted to the Kansas City District on external hard drives.  The effort for this project extended over two years and required up to four survey vessels working simultaneously.  The project was successfully completed within budget and ahead of schedule.

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