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Schiltz Goose Farm

The owners of Schiltz Goose Farm near Sisseton, South Dakota, wished to update their manure management system on their large farm. All improvements to the Schiltz farm would need to be within the standards set by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Previous recommendations to the farm proposed a system of artificial wetlands. It was discovered that this design included overly optimistic assumptions of evaporation. After consultation with our engineers, the owners of Schiltz Goose farms decided  to re-design their waste handling facility to be more efficient.

We proceeded to design a system that replaced the artificial wetland system to a Type II holding pond system where captured nutrients would be used for irrigation. The new system for waste management at Schiltz was designed to handle an operation of up to 231,000 geese. Engineers closely monitored the implementation of the design for the new waste handling system during construction.

The Schiltz Goose Farm project was completed on a fast-track basis. We completed a design that would conform to standards set by the SD DENR and monitored construction to ensure such standards were met.

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