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S&K Truck Wash

A truck washing facility was needed in the Wagner, SD area to accommodate livestock trailers.  The owners contacted our firm to design, permit, and oversee construction of the facility.

During the course of the design, several design alternatives were presented to the owners.  The constructed facility has two wash bays to accommodate full size trucks, three service bays and ample parking space.  Prior to being stored in a holding pond, the wash water is routed through a mechanical screening process to remove solid matter.  The holding pond has the capacity to allow for several hundred truck washes per year.  The contents of the holding pond and the solids collected during the screening process are land applied at agronomic rates and utilized as fertilizer for adjacent crop ground.

Our engineers successfully obtained the necessary permits through the SD DENR for the project.   The final product is a modern truck washing facility with the capacity to move trucks through at a steady pace.  The facility provides an environmentally sound way of washing today’s trucks in an economical and convenient fashion.

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