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Ukrainian Feedlot Project

Our firm was contacted by personnel within the Iowa State University Cooperative Extension Service to provide assistance with a potential feedlot project in Ukraine.  JSC Mironovsky Hleboproduct wanted to partner with a United States company that had experience designing large feedlots and could provide a feedlot design that would meet current American environmental standards. After going through an interview process with several consulting firms, JSC chose our firm for this project.

JSC met with our engineers in the United States to confirm details of the design and to tour other large feedlots in the Upper Midwest.  Surveyors and engineers from our Yankton office then traveled to Ukraine on two occasions to select an appropriate site, to perform a survey of the project site, and to meet additional representatives from JSC.  Upon returning to the United States, we began designing the various components of the facility.  Our responsibilities included the waste management system, geotechnical investigation(s), pen layout, utility/infrastructure layout, security measures, and the feed/grain handling and storage components.  The final design covered over 600 acres.  The design included over 10 miles of feed bunks and over 31 miles of pen fencing.  The nutrient management plan included over 148,000 acres of cropland.

The turnkey design of the 50,000 head feeding operation was completed on schedule.  Construction of the facility was put on hold due to economic and geopolitical conditions.  Once constructed, this facility will be one of the largest modern feedlots throughout the European continent.

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