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We are able to provide our clients with a name they will know and trust. Our team has experience and expertise in the following areas:

City Engineer

Our engineers have extensive experience in providing municipal engineering for communities in the region. We are able to provide our clients comprehensive, local, technical support to City Hall and the City Council in any matter relating to growth, infrastructure, and utility services.

Water System Design

We provide multiple services in the realm of water system design. We are able to study existing water and irrigation systems to identify areas where the system can be improved and efficiently maximized. With all water system designs, we take time to counsel our clients to choose the best way to address rate changes and funds associated with water system renovation.

Wastewater System Design

We provide the service of studying and analyzing existing and future wastewater systems. Based off these studies, we can identify areas where a system can be improved. We are able to take all information into account and advise our clients to choose the best way to address rate changes associated with wastewater design and renovation.

Agricultural Engineering

We have shown a continuous commitment to serving the agricultural community with environmental and agricultural engineering services. Our highly-qualified engineers are recognized leaders in providing permitting and design services to livestock producers who require agricultural waste management systems to keep up with today's stringent environmental standards.

Street & Highway Design

Our engineers are able to help communities by designing and planning for future, as well as existing, street and highway roadway systems. They provide professional ideas and solutions based on years of experience that ensure a finished product for our clients.

Site Design

Our engineers have extensive experience with infrastructure design including the development of site, utility, grading, drainage, and erosion control plans. We also design parking lot layouts, residential developments, commercial layouts, and industrial developments.

Capital Planning

Our Capital plans include an evaluation of infrastructure needs, as well as a full review of revenue streams used to fund those projects. An analysis of sewer and water rates, drainage fees, assessment policies, and other sources of revenue are also included. Using this information, our clients are able to prioritize and plan for future community expansion and development.

Construction Administration

Our team provides construction administration and inspection services including acting on behalf of our clients. Our project engineers oversee a contractor’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, and equipment. They will also monitor the contractor’s progress and compliance with the contract documents to ensure a timely and cost effective completion of the project.

Comprehensive Drainage Plans

Our engineers work to develop a master plan that identifies basin boundaries, base flood elevations, conveyance systems and the capacity and condition of storm sewers. With these plans, our engineers can identify areas of concern and develop solutions for our clients.