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Landscape Architecture

We have experience and expertise in the following areas:

Sports Complexes

Our team has many years of experience designing and building multi-use recreational facilities. These facilities include football, soccer, baseball, and softball athletic fields and their supporting facilities. We strive to design places that promote a positive user experience while keeping needs of our clients in mind.

Streetscapes & Urban Design

Streetscapes are a great way to improve a community’s visual appearance, appeal to business owners and visitors, and give the community a sense of place. As landscape architects, we are able to maximize the potential of these spaces by taking many different aspects of the area into consideration; such as site history, materials, plans, and overall site context.

Recreational Trails

Recreational trails require an understanding of large scale circulation, geographical connections and geological landforms. Our landscape architects understand the complexities of these connections and aim to reward communities with trail systems that focus on the user’s experience and connecting the community.

Construction Administration

Our team provides construction administration and inspection services including acting on behalf of our clients. Our project engineers oversee a contractor’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, and equipment. They will also monitor the contractor’s progress and compliance with the contract documents to ensure a timely and cost effective completion of the project.

Park Facilities

A park is an investment in the community that is most successful when it is embraced by the community. A correctly designed community park capitalizes on the human element and utilizes the full potential of a site, and connects the park to the community. We are able to provide master plans, public meetings, construction documents, construction administration and much more.