Project Notes

41st Street

This project consisted of construction of one mile of 41st Street from Ellis Road to Sertoma Avenue, including intersections. The existing rural section consisted of a two lane asphalt rural section with ditches on both sides. The new street section consisted of an urban concrete section with a curbed, landscaped center median. Underground utility work for this project included: sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer including detention and underdrain system, landscape median irrigation and sanitary sewer service spot repairs. Additional work included: concrete pavement joint repair, pavement markings, street lighting, intersection signalization and landscaping.

Unique aspects of this project included public impact and project incentive and disincentive. The location of this project, being an arterial street, intersecting other arterial streets at each end of the project conveyed the realization of major commuting impacts. This project was closed to traffic, which allowed the project to be substantially completed in one construction season. Two incentive/disincentive completion dates were also incorporated into this project in attempt to minimize the impact to the public. Incentivizing the contractor is an effective tool to increase construction efficiency and maximize coordination efforts to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Private utility coordination along this project and in the Sertoma Avenue and 41st Street intersection in particular was critical. The number of private utility lines, tight construction deadlines and proposed infrastructure required attention to detail and consistent coordination to ensure there were not conflicts. The collaboration of the contractor, engineer, owner and private utility companies was critical to the successful completion of this project.

Access along the project required persistent attention and coordination due to the impact the construction for an extended period of time. A temporary asphalt access road was constructed for affected businesses. A temporary gravel access road was constructed and maintained for residential access. The team maintained consideration for all adjacent property owners, residents and business owners through the duration of the project.


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