The Stockwell Story

What started in 1981 as Naughton Stockwell Engineers is now a thriving full-service company with expertise in civil engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying, and EPC services. Soon after getting established, we dropped “Naughton” out of our name and we’re now known as Stockwell Engineers, Inc. And if we’re being honest, we prefer to go by just Stockwell. 

We’re passionate about providing modern yet practical solutions to our clients. These clients range from municipalities and state agencies to private businesses and developments. Our scope of abilities is wide and continues to grow with each project we take on. While our four core areas of expertise may be civil engineering, landscape architecture, land surveying, and EPC services, there are numerous services we provide that support these four broad areas.

Need a commercial site designed? Let’s talk.
Need to discuss water treatment options? That’s our jam.
Need a city park or recreational trail developed? We love adding that kind of quality of life value to our communities.

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