Project Notes

Brandon Redwood Water Tower

Brandon, SD
Water System Design
Design Elements
New 1.25 Million Gallon Water Tower / New Pressure Reducing Valve Building / New Chlorination System / Pump Booster Station Upgrade / Transmission Line Extension / SCADA System Integration

To meet the City of Brandon’s future water needs and demands, a new 1.25-million-gallon concrete composite water tower will be erected on the northeast side of town. A new chlorination system is included as part of the project to ensure safe drinking water. Additionally, a pumping station upgrade and the addition of a pressure reducing valve station is required to allow the new water storage to tie into Brandon’s existing water distribution system.

As part of the project, a 16-inch water transmission line will be installed from the existing distribution system to the new tower. Various construction and permanent utility easements are required for the installation of the transmission line.

To allow uninterrupted water service to the City of Brandon customers, the pump and piping upgrades at the booster station will be completed in a phased approach.


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