Project Notes

Falls Park to Great Bear Bike Trail Award Winning Project

Sioux Falls, SD
Design Elements
Off-leash Dog Park
ALSA Nebraska Dakotas Chapter 2019 Merit Award

Stockwell Engineers was hired to master plan a proposed bike path intended to run along the banks of the Big Sioux River and on top of the dike where the levee system exists. To ensure the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians using the path, it was necessary to align the bike path within the levee system.

The No-Rise / No-Impact Certification was required by the City of Sioux Falls and the US Army Corps of Engineers, who manages the Big Sioux River. The purpose of the certification was to prove that the proposed project would not cause an increase of the water surface elevation of the river during the 100-year storm event.

The current effective HEC-RAS model of the Big Sioux River was provided to Stockwell Engineers by the USACE. Existing conditions were compared to anticipated conditions that would occur as a result of project grading activities within the levee system. Earthwork on the project was mitigated to find the perfect balance to accommodate the new path but also ensure a 0.00’ rise of the water surface elevation on the Big Sioux River.


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