Project Notes

Ft. McCoy Manhole Inventory Survey

Ft. McCoy Wisconsin

Stockwell Engineers was contracted to provide data collection, analysis, production, and delivery of a sanitary manhole inventory of 815 manholes. This Task Order included establishing ground control, locating sanitary manholes, collecting required data, filling out a Manhole Information Sheet, photography, and updating a geodatabase of attributes.

For each manhole a Manhole Information Sheet was completed with the following attributes: Manhole ID, Rim xyz, Invert, Date, Manhole condition, size, material, and invert of each pipe in and out, Sketch, Photograph and Comments. Horizontal control was in both NAD83 Monroe County and NAD83 Wisconsin State Plane South FIPS
4803 (US survey feet) and elevation data in NAVD 1988 (US survey feet).

Final deliverables were ESRI geodatabase including manhole ID and all collection attributes (one in Wisconsin State Plane Coordinates and one in WISCRS-Monroe County coordinates), electronic versions of all Manhole Inventory Sheets are included and have been linked to the geodatabase, digital versions of all photographs and sketches of all manholes inventoried are included within the Manhole Inventory Sheets, a survey report in PDF format which includes all field notes, tabular listings of all horizontal and vertical control used, datasheets, maps and sketches of control points used, and coordinate listings of all. During the course of this survey 734 manholes were surveyed, 45 could not be accessed and 25 could not be located.  


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