Project Notes

Full Circle Dairy Digester Facility

Hurley, South Dakota
Construction Administration
Wastewater System Design
Design Elements
Wastewater / Underground Utility / Site Design / Four Anaerobic Digesters Totaling 4.8 Million Gallons

Stockwell Engineers was contracted to engineer, procure, and construct a new anaerobic digestion system on the Full Circle Dairy in Hurley, SD. The project began with preparing a preliminary cost estimate to be the design-builder of the project. After final pricing was agreed upon, Stockwell began the civil, structural, and electrical design for the digesters and facility major.

The end design consisted of the following:

  • Four (4) 105-ft diameter, 26-ft tall, concrete tanks.
  • Two (2) 36-ft diameter, 15-ft tall, concrete receiving tanks
  • One (1) 41-ft diameter, 20-ft tall, concrete digestate tank
  • Hundreds of feet of underground piping
  • Final Site grading

Throughout the design, Stockwell contracted with local subcontractors to perform the concrete, earthwork, underground, and electrical work. Alongside Stockwell, two technology providers were chosen by the Owner for the digestion process and gas cleanup system. During construction, Stockwell provided an onsite superintendent to oversee all subcontractors. Stockwell also provided site safety supervision for not only Stockwell subcontractors but for the technology providers as well. Stockwell coordinated with both technology providers throughout the course of construction to ensure a quality end product. 


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