Project Notes

Lyon Park

Sioux Falls, SD
Design Elements
Historic Lyon House Foundation

Lyon Park is one of the few, truly green, public spaces located near the downtown district of Sioux Falls. The park was originally intended to be an escape from the hard surfacing of downtown. Currently the park is home to many mature trees, play equipment, flower beds and various historical markers.

The proposed master plan attempts to recapture the original intent of the park while utilizing its long history to inspire site elements and programming of the space. First, the plan will reshape the landform of the park to help strengthen its connections to downtown and the surrounding neighborhood. This will also open up sight lines for increased safety. Second, the plan makes use of sculpture art to highlight its history by emphasizing the existing civil war cannon and integrating the “Joe Hooker” sculpture into the park’s entrance monument. Third, the plan creates a garden space abstracted from the foundation of the original Lyon House and constructs a new picnic shelter inspired from its carpenter gothic style. Fourth, playground equipment is organized into a single entertainment zone to function as the All Saints neighborhood park. Finally, the plan assigns informational signage throughout the park to help paint the picture of the park’s rich history.


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