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Missouri River Hydrographic Survey

Design Elements
Hydrographic Survey

The Kansas City District Corps of Engineers contracted with Stockwell Engineers to provide a hydrographic survey of approximately 500 miles of the Missouri River from its confluence with the Mississippi River at St. Louis to the Nebraska border. The base contract was to survey the lower portion of the Missouri River from St. Louis past Kansas City to RM 393, the first option from RM 393-450 and the second option from RM 450-498.

Thorough planning by the Stockwell project team was necessary prior to mobilizing crews to the field in order to achieve the efficiencies that would be necessary to achieve the aggressive project goals. The project was laid out using the HYPACK software suite that the firm’s hydrographic surveyors use both in the office and field. Cross sections were obtained at 500-foot intervals, resulting in a total of approximately 4,150 full channel transects. Spacing of the points along each cross section in the final dataset was provided at a 2-foot interval. All work was to be completed by October 30th, a very short time frame to complete a hydrographic survey of this magnitude considering that work could not be started until the end of July. Two crews were committed full time to the project. The survey data files were transmitted electronically back to our offices daily for editing and processing.

Weather and high river conditions where encountered and with an exceptional effort by the survey crews, the firm was able to complete the field survey in the allotted time and went on to deliver the final product.

Final deliverable included coordinate point files, Water Surface Elevation Table, Microsoft Access Database and Control Discrepancies Table.


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