Project Notes

Offut Air Force Base Utility Mapping

Stockwell Engineers was contracted by the USACE, Omaha District, to conduct a subsurface utility locate and provide CADD mapping for twelve specific areas encompassing 260 acres at Offutt Airforce Base. This task order involved locating, data collection, analysis, production, and electronic delivery of subsurface utilities in the project areas at the Offutt Air Force Base that had been previously inundated with flood waters though out portions of the base including campgrounds, flight lines and the main campus building and street features. During our work at Offutt Air Force Base we encountered a wide variety of issues, some that were simple to resolve and others that were highly complex and difficult to resolve in the timeframe adhered to as part of the contract. While going through drawings and plans provided by the client we found that there were quite a few utilities that were mapped incorrectly or not shown in any of the materials provided by the client.  Although they weren’t always correct the info provided helped Stockwell field crews and office personnel decipher many questions that were brought up by our locating contractor and also to help us plan our time in secured areas. Stockwell worked closely with base personnel for access coordination and on-site base utility managers.  Stockwell provided ESRI database info, MicroStation V8i dgn file and ASCII files for each separate utility.


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