Project Notes

Sanford Imagenetics

Sioux Falls, SD
Site Design
Urban Design
Design Elements
Demolition Package / 245-Stall Parking Lot / Access Roads / Landscape Design / On-Site BMP Facility / Center Plaza

Stockwell provided surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and construction staking services for the Sanford Imagenetics project. The project included the construction of a 35,250sf multi-level Sanford Imagenetics building, a comprehensive program that fully integrates genetics with internal medicine. This facility is located on the main Sanford Health campus.

Initial design consisted of a demolition package to remove all existing infrastructure within the project site. Site work included the construction of an asphalt surfaced 245-stall parking lot surrounding the building, access roads with multiple connections to existing adjacent city streets with significant changes in elevation, drop off lane, sidewalks, utilities, on-site BMP facility and landscaping.

Landscaping included landscape buffers surrounding the site and a center plaza space containing a statue of Mr. Sanford and a genetic code sequence inlaid in a circle around the statue space.


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