Project Notes

Hartford Water Tower

Hartford, SD
Construction Administration
Water System Design
Design Elements
Facility Plan Development / Hydraulic Modeling of Current Facilities / Construction Administration Services / Disassemble & Salvage Existing Sioux Falls Tank / Re-erect Same Tank in Hartford / 500,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank / Transmission Main Extensions

As a growing community in the Sioux Falls metro area, the city of Hartford was in need of upgrading their water storage facilities and hired Stockwell Engineers to assist in the effort. The team at Stockwell Engineers prepared a water distribution facilities plan, which included hydraulic modeling of their current facilities and recommendations for improvements. Among the recommendations was to decommission their existing multi-leg elevated storage tank and construct a new 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank. The City contracted with Stockwell Engineers to design the storage tank and administer the construction.

As design began, Stockwell Engineers became aware of a 500,000 gallon pedestal storage tank in Sioux Falls that was to be decommissioned. Stockwell’s team contacted the public works department at Sioux Falls and inquired about the possibility of relocating the tower to Hartford. As luck would have it, the tower was scheduled to be removed in the near future and an agreement was established for the City of Hartford to purchase the tank for one dollar. The City of Hartford would be responsible to disassemble and transport the tank to its new site.

Stockwell went to work developing plans to disassemble the tank and reassemble it in Hartford. The plans included a height extension to the stem of the tower to accommodate the new site, as well as a transmission pipe extension to connect the tower to the distribution network.

Stockwell Engineers is proud to have been a part of this project and to offer our unique approach to improving the water storage needs for the City of Hartford.


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