Project Notes

Boadwine Farms

Minnehaha County, South Dakota
Construction Administration
Site Design
Design Elements
4,300 Head Dairy Operation / Methane Digestion System / Parlor / Multiple Freestall Barns / Sand Separation System / Solids Separation System / Multiple Waste Storage System Expansions

Boadwine Farms is a 4,300 head dairy operation that dates to the 1980s. Since 2002, the operation has worked exclusively with Stockwell Engineers in modernizing and expanding the operation. Projects have included a new parlor, multiple freestall barns, sand separation system, solids separation system and multiple waste storage system expansions. A proposed methane digestion system is currently being designed for this facility.

Stockwell’s services include topographic and boundary surveys, site design, building layout and design, geotechnical coordination, manure management system design, waste handling facility design, SD DENR and County Zoning permitting and construction administration.


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