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Spruce Glen Development

Dell Rapids, SD
Site Design
Street & Highway Design
Urban Design
Design Elements
Golf Course Subdivision / 100+ Acres / Land Development / Flood Plain

Nestled along the boundaries of the Rocky Run Golf Course of Dell Rapids, Spruce Glen is a friendly, active neighborhood teeming with families and a great small-town living experience. With its winding roads, spacious lots and emphasis on recreation, Spruce Glen demonstrates a beautifully crafted subdivision where landscape architecture and engineering meet. Stockwell Engineers is proud to be involved with Spruce Glen for over 20 years, providing marketing, engineering and landscape architectural services for the development.

Prior to development, Spruce Glen housed the “back 9” of the Rocky Run, eighteen-hole, golf course. When the golf course decided to redevelop the back-9, they turned to local developers and community members to form the Spruce Glen board and procure an engineer to assist them. The board pursued Jon Brown of Stockwell Engineers. Jon has acted as lead design engineer of Spruce Glen since its fruition, designing over 100 acres of land while providing survey, landscape architecture and marketing services through the team at Stockwell.

Over the course of the project, Stockwell’s team assisted the Spruce Glen board through the everyday challenges of land development. As with many land development projects, designing the drainage for the subdivision was perhaps the most challenging. Portions of the development encroached into the FEMA regulated flood plain. Stockwell’s team of drainage engineers developed computer models to analyze the hydraulic characteristics of the development. Working with FEMA and the City of Dell Rapids, our team was able to remap the area and design systems to mitigate runnoff and protect downstream facilities. Over the years since, Spruce Glen has been tested numerous times by mother nature, and we are proud to say, that the infrastructure designed by our team continues to protect the neighborhood from major storm events and flooding.

To this day, the Spruce Glen neighborhood continues to expand, providing homes for its residents while adding value to the community of Dell Rapids. Through our involvement, our team has gained significant experience in land development and have refined our approach to assist our clients on similar projects. As a part owner in the development and now president of Stockwell Engineers, Jon Brown has a unique perspective to share with other owners and aid in their approach to land development.


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